Best Universities in Canada for Space Sciences and Astronomy

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Top Institutes in Canada for Space Sciences and Astronomy

These days there are different schools, colleges, and universities that are presenting a wide array of study programs in Canada. Astronomy is one of the best study disciplines that is known to be the ancient study program placed in the group of natural sciences. The program refers to the study of Earth, stars, planets and other heavenly bodies and aspects that remain in the observable universe. Except, the education of space also contains additional fields like space travel and space exploration. If you also want to get master’s degree in Space Sciences & Astronomy in Canada, we have managed a list of Best Universities in Canada for Space Sciences & Astronomy. Check down the list and pick the one in which you are interested in getting an admission.

Here are the Best Universities in Canada for Space Sciences & Astronomy as per 2017 rankings:

1: Queen’s University Kingston (Kingston, Canada)

2: University of Calgary (Calgary, Canada)

3: University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada)

4: University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada)

5: McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada)

6: Saint Mary’s University (Halifax, Canada)

7: York University (Toronto, Canada)

8: University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada)

9: York University (Toronto, Canada)

10: McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada)

McMaster University is claimed to be the public research institute located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and thus gets its position at a fifth number in the list of ranking. In 1887, William McMaster founded the institute. Hence it is also contributed as one of the most historical places in the Canada. The main campus of the university is developed on 121 hectares of the region of the land attached to the living areas of Westdale and Ainslie Wood. The Department of Astronomy and Physics at McMaster University is presenting the 5th best program in Space Sciences & Astronomy.