A Delightful Experience of Staying in Madina | Madina Hotels

Madina is a city which is known as one of the purest place on the earth. The city which is more likely to be recognized by remarkable history of Prophet (PBUH), the lifestyle, trading, values, and everything is connected to Madina.  Conceptual love of Muslim fellows for each other was first introduced by the Prophet (PBUH). It was to show and establish the strength of Muslim society. Today we are broken and shattered because we have lost that unity we had.  There is a lot to experience in Madina, not only market but the enlightening essence of city will let you feel the environment.  

Places that are must visit in Madina:

·        Often Visit Mosque of Prophet (PBUH)

·        Masjid Al Qiblatayn

·        Masjid e Quba

·        Jannat ul Baqi

·        Mount Uhud

·        Mosque of Badr

·        Al Madina Museum

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