Download Carboard Camera APK File

Cardboard Camera APK File download free

If you are also one of those who are trying to get a bite in the VR (Virtual Reality) System on your cellphone, then there is no need for you to pay Hundreds of dollars on HTC Vive headset or Oculus Rift to give a try in Virtual Reality. You can feel free to try a VR app called as Cardboard Camera – An Android app focusing to take VR phots which you can see in Virtual Reality later.

Cardboard Camera is known to be the one of those must-have Virtual Reality Apps that can fill you up with lot of pleasure. It can allow you to capture and share moments with VR photos, in 3D, and in every single direction, that makes the far things seem far, and near things seem near. Because of the blessings of developers, Cardboard Camera is totally easy to engage, there is also no need to sign up on Google for anything to get started. The only thing that you have to do is to download the app, install it, open it and use it. Once you will be engaged to it, I can assure you that it will be a good experience for you to see your images in VR.