Factors to Consider for Good Graphic Design

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Graphic design is the process of problem-solving and communication through the use of illustration, photography and typography. Graphic designers combine images, texts and symbols to create the visual representations of messages and ideas. It is indeed a tough job to accomplish and graphic designers have to go by certain rules for a good graphic design.

Good Idea: In order to come up with a good idea, you have to brainstorm and generate a thousand ideas, many rough designs and sketches. Be willing to sketch plenty of designs that may finally land up in trash.

Good Execution makes Up for a Weak Idea: A strong idea need not be backed up by strong execution. On the other hand, a weak idea cannot get through with weak execution. For example Helvetica is a font that creates a strong impact with good execution while the font Oilcan survives on its own novelty.

Good Template: A template can be compared to a builder’s foundation and it is hence the most important factor to consider for making a good graphic design. The margins, grid, trim size, bleeds, baseline grid are the basic aspects of a good design. In addition to this, character, paragraph and object styles are important aspects of a template that gives consistency and uniformity to a design.

Don’t Go Beyond the Tried and Tested: It is good to be creative but a designer should not break all rules that have been tried, tested and accepted over decades. There is a reason green packaging is not used for milk, designs flow from the left to the right and black text is not put on red background.

Simplicity Is the Best: By the term ‘simple’ means that a design should not have anything extra without a purpose.  Only meaningful elements should be present in a design and get rid of the unnecessary elements.

Design Should Solve Purpose: A design may look creative and be appreciated by ace designers but if it does not boost sales, it is no good. Thus a good graphic design should not only sport a simple look pleasing to the eyes, but it should be effective and be able to sell the product.

Precision Is a Must: In graphic designing, precision matters. The details actually matter. Precision is especially required for the graphic designers working in the garment industry where precise hand-drawn, clipping path, liquefy, masking, ghost mannequin service and background removal service are needed. Thus, choosing the right font, setting up of the paragraph style is important to enhance the future consistency, efficiency and quality.

Opinion of Clients Matter: A good graphics designer is receptive and open to criticism. A client may not have the technical knowledge about photo color correction but he may have a good aesthetic sense and a good designer tries her/his level best to live up to the expectations of a client.

Go Beyond Rules After Mastering: Graphic designers should follow rules as these have come into existence through repeated trial and error and have been tested over time and proved to bring successful results. A graphic designer can only break the rules after mastering them.

Thus while choosing graphics designing services make sure the graphic designer you hire from a company have at least some of these qualities.