Factors to Consider When Buying Apartment in Lucknow in a Green Project?

Apartments in Lucknow

As more cities in India turn into concrete jungle with diminishing open spaces and green cover, environment-friendly houses would play a significant role in enabling people to live refreshing and healthy life. Scientists have confirmed that living in an urban area is more stressful with the parts of brain dealing with emotion and stress getting adversely affected by living amongst the crowd. Moreover, medical researches have proved that people living in an urban city are likely to suffer from schizophrenia, depression and anxiety than those living in the rural or countryside. However, studies have demonstrated that living in a green surrounding reduces stress, anxiety and boosts health.

Of late, buyers have become aware of the benefits of living in an environment-friendly building. Though, green building concepts are more common in luxury housing projects, the concept is increasingly getting a lot of recognition in affordable and midrange residential projects. The green buildings are also gaining ground in the hospitality and commercial real estate sector, with many projects being launched across India. Green housing projects in Lucknow are also gaining recognition among the customers with quite a few property developers constructing apartments amidst a clean green environment in the form of landscape garden, green earth mounds, sprawling trees, seasonal plants, blossoming flowers and clean water bodies. However, before you embark on your journey to find apartments in Lucknow in a green residential project, there are certain factors to keep in mind for you to make an informed decision. A green building should incorporate:    

1) Low-flow plumbing fittings and fixtures

2) Energy-efficient doors and windows

3) Rainwater harvesting system

4) Low-energy lighting system

5) Digital thermostats

6) Provision for sufficient ventilation and natural lighting

7) Mechanized plumbing to utilize recycled water efficiently.

8) Have green clearances and certifications such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) of projects.

Checking the problem areas would allow the buyer to have a clear understanding of the green residential project in Lucknow that he is considering to invest money in. The exercise would also assist the customer in estimating the exact amount of money that he would need to spend. Furthermore, customers can also check the cooling and heating system, air leaks around doors and windows and see to it that right materials are utilized on the building’s exterior to protect against inclement weather.          

What is a Green Building?       

A green building is all about limiting the dependence on natural resources and minimizing their damage while developing houses and this can be done in an eco-friendly manner by implementing resource-efficient procedures at different levels of construction. This starts from the selection of project site and continues in design stage and overall construction of the building. To start with, real estate builders in Lucknow should check the land for vegetation, topography and soil erosion, heat island effect and landscape design. Energy efficiency during the construction process is essential and this can be attained by employing energy metering, distributed power generation, onsite renewable energy sources and CFC-free equipments. On the other hand, indoor environment of the flats in Lucknow can be improved with the help of measures like provision for fresh air ventilation and day lighting, quality exhaust system and utilizing low volatile organic compound materials.   

Once you are clear about what to look for, it would be easy to determine whether or not you are investing money in the right green real estate project in Lucknow. What might appear like a big investment initially, your green apartment in Lucknow will provide significant savings in the foreseeable future.