How to Connect HP Wireless Laptop to HP Wireless Printer?

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HP printer technical support phone number 1-800-834-1377 is an independent tech support number that is very helpful to provide online technical support services for technical issues related to hp printer. Online certified technicians are available round the clock for helping online hp printer users.

Nowadays, people are more prone to go wireless than of corded machines; surely, it saves time and hassle of connectivity. Wireless device works much faster and can be connected to the multi devices. Likewise, the demand of Wireless laptop and printers has been shored up and users are adopting the new advance technology.  In general, wireless technology is not different than of wire system, HP users just need to remember username and password to set up a wireless connection. The manufacturer also provides you user manual that guides you step by step connection procedure.

If you have a wireless printers and Laptop, follow the below process to establish a connection between them.

1-    Brands may follow the different practice to establish a connection; moreover the crux of manuals will be same for everyone. Connect the printer to your router, some printers can connect routers to their own programming, or connect manually, find the setup option to your printer screen and locate the printer, for some printer, you may need an Ethernet cable to establish a connection. If you are not able to know the actual issue, you should call directly at toll free HP Printer Tech Support Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 immediately.


2-    Install the printer software to your computer, manufacture gives you software CD while you buy the printer, or if it is lost or broken, you can navigate the manufacturer’s websites and browse the printer model to download the software’s. Follow the setup wizard and complete the installation process. Open an application and provide the username and password details to precede the setup procedure, for some cases you may have to disable the firewall setting in your computer.

3-    Print a test page from your device once installation is completed. You can now print from your Laptop and disconnect the cord if you want to connect another laptop, install the software in a laptop. If you are not able to connecting the system with wireless printer, you should call at HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number immediately. With help of online software tools and advance technology, you can connect your wireless laptop with wireless printer easily.


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