How to make more wow gold with Obliterum in Patch 7.3

Obliterum has been a steady gold maker during Legion, but what's the future of crafted items in Patch 7.3? To celebrate the new events, Safewow Summer Deal will provide all customers a 6% and an 8% discount codes available to buy wow gold .

Patch 7.3 added the following strings to the game:

We did some testing on PTR and old crafted pre-7.3 gear (ilvl 835/850) can be upgraded with ObliterumObliterum up to ilvl 900. The new ilvl of crafted items in 7.3 is 865 and you cannot use ObliterumObliterum to upgrade them. Instead, you will need to use Primal ObliterumPrimal Obliterum that can upgrade it up to ilvl 915.
Primal Obliterum is forged by combining a new Blood of SargerasBlood of Sargeras called Primal SargeritePrimal Sargerite and good old ObliterumObliterum. Primal SargeritePrimal Sargerite can be transmuted by Alchemists (Transmute: Primal SargeriteTransmute: Primal Sargerite) at the cost of 25 Blood of SargerasBloods of Sargeras. There are no words yet, if Blizzard plans to make Primal SargeritePrimal Sargerite available elsewhere (e.g. drops from Boon of the BloodhunterBoon of the Bloodhunter bags or dungeons), but the item is soulbound and required for many new recipes, so a person would be forced to have Alchemy and that's not a design Blizzard would choose.

The good news is ObliterumObliterum will still be profitable in 7.3 and if you plan to sell Primal ObliterumPrimal Obliterum, you will need to combine ObliterumObliterum with Primal SargeritePrimal Sargerite.

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