The Importance of Learning French Language in Spain

Every country has its own culture, traditions, .heritage, literature and language, sculpture and art. It is really an exciting feeling to learn different language and study another culture. According to psychologists being multilingual is bliss. Studying different language is a way to have a healthy and sharp mind. It does not only develop your brain but also enhance your personality. It has been scientifically proved that knowing two or more language boosts a person’s confidence. Psychologists have discovered that ability of speaking two or more language is extremely beneficial for a human’s cognitive process.

France is well-known for its rich customs and language. French is considered as one of the ancient language of the world. French is regarded as the second most studied language and sixth most spoken language in the world. More than 200 billion people have accepted French as their communicative language.

Importance of the French language

Learning of different language is a passion. But without learning kinds of language life become too hard. So, the people have to learn kinds of language with a new zeal. Such as the language French. It is the most popular language after the second language English. Therefore, every person who willing to get retired or get settled at foreign country must have to learn French language.

French American schools

There are some Schools who teach French located in Chicago, USA. Some of them are French American school. These schools are assigned by France government to teach French in America. And some of them are American schools that teach French. The students learning in French in Chicago are considered more enough talented than other students. These schools offer education in French along with other studies. But the sole purpose of some of them is providing education in this language. They also provide opportunities to go and study in abroad and they also have some scholarships. They also provide placements And jobs.

French curriculum in Chicago

The coursework of schools differ from each other. Some of them offer a dual French and English curriculum. There are both private and government institutions that provide French educations. Most of the schools have structural curriculum authorized by French Ministry of Education. French curriculum in Chicago complies with the French system. These schools are divided into subdivisions and follow the American school system. The students of these schools begin their education from kindergarten, which has three parts pre-kindergarten, junior kindergarten and kindergarten, and then they go to elementary school, then middle school and then high school.

All details about the school

These French school in Chicago have divided their educational structure into cycles, cycle 1 which included pre-kindergarten, junior kindergarten and kindergarten, cycle 2 which include first and second grade and then cycle 3 that included third, fourth and fifth grade. These cycles are not applicable after elementary school. Then there is middle school. It comprises grade six through nine. The syllabus of middle school includes French, English, Mathematics, History, Civics, Technology, Music, Geography, Art, Biology and Physical education.

These French school Chicago follow French educational system during their high school years. The tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade are known as lycee. During their high school years or lycee, the students are free to choose their major. They give emphasis on different courses, such as track L which is literature, ES or Economical and Social science. After completing their high school these students get prepared for their further career. These students give the Baccalaureate examination and try to crack it. With this degree they enter into their dream colleges or universities.