Necessary action before Laser hair removal

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In the current era many of us have strong wish to have hairless skin to avoid the waste of time due to waxing and tweezing biweekly. Before going to take laser treatment which is most effective way to provide smooth and delicate skin with no hair, you should keep in mind a couple of things. Try to act upon all directions described here to get results that you want after the hair removal.

Remain out of the sun before getting the treatment:

Doctor advised the patients to avoid sun exposure. The expected time period is almost four weeks and if a person has sun tan he or she is not recommended to take the treatment. The best season for taking this treatment is winter. Summer is not suggested because during this season the chances of suntan are maximum. Majority of people are feeling comfortable for laser in winter or fall, keeping in mind the end goal is to have stubbles skin by summer.

Shave the area before laser removal:

This procedure is not like waxing so better to cut or shave hair. Remember, you are advised to shave the hair not waxed. In case you have done it recently then wait for the hair growth. Then shave them and request for your appointment. Now people have the question, why not waxing? Laser basically focus active follicles of hair and destroy it if the follicle is not active then laser will not work.  Drawback is that you have to take further treatment for removing the hairs that are recently waxed.


Test the sensitivity of skin to the laser:

Regularly before the treatment a patch of body is inspected and after that the last treatment is actualized. This is essential since a few people have skin not reasonable for this treatment so never apply the technique specifically testing the skin conditions. Your session may take some place in the scope of 20 minutes to an hour.

Time required the expulsion of hair relies on the region of the skin. Regularly it is said that the entire body laser take one hour and facial hair expulsion right around 20 to 35 minutes however there are a few factors that assumed a part in evacuation. I.e. the shade of hair, skin tone and so forth. So time of treatment fluctuate with these components.


Use eye protecting gadgets before the action:

Eyes are sensitive to laser so always use glasses provided by the trainer or doctor. Do not think that you are receiving the treatment far from the eyes so no need of eye protection. Laser can cause dangerous effects on eyes so it is on your hand to protect them.


Be consistent if you want to receive good results:

The follicles have a growth cycle so for the good results it is advised to take the treatment after four to 6 weeks.

Clean the skin from dust and other cosmetics before treatment.

Always avoid taking those medicines that are not allowed by your doctor. A few medicines have blood coagulating ability that is not viewed as useful for the laser evacuation.

For smoker it is encouraged to stop it less than one week prior.

Doctor prescribed some antibiotic to avoid infections so take them according to the advice.