The Surgery In Your Body Can Give You The Ideal Body Shape

From an early age, we have a realistic sense of what we suppose to be like the perfect body, when, like children, it gives us toys like Barbie dolls and Action Man. This is carried to adolescence, when most people on TV, movies and music videos for their age groups have perfect faces and bodies.


• The body shape that is now known as "the body to fight" was not always the ideal form of the body. The idea of ​​ideal body shape has changed over the years:

• In the 1900s, fashion was that women have a large bust and wasp waist, which is achieved by tightly bound corsets.

• Children appear since the 1920s, with small breasts and non-existent curves that are becoming fashionable.

• With the outbreak of the war in 1939, with the distribution and less food around the food. Although people were thin, a healthy, well-nourished body shape became ideal.

• Until the 1950s, the appearance of the ball was returned and a thin waist and hips became exaggerated.

• In the mid-1960s, the world went into nothingness. Women of this age copied the tiny waist, the non-existent bust and the slender figure.

• A long, slender body shape was the perfect look for the '70s, with the transition to a more sporty look in the 1980s.

• The 1990s saw the return of waif, straight and down and no bust.

• The long, thin shape has returned to the new century, with more emphasis on larger breasts.

• Today, we are back in the curved shape with an elegant background, a substantial bust and a flat belly.

Whatever the current trend of body shape, it is impossible for all of us to see the same thing. We are all different constructions and we all have our own body shape:

Hourglass: This figure has a right upper part and a narrow waist. Women with an hourglass are more prone to gain weight throughout the body, especially in the area of ​​the thorax and hips.


Pear Tree: these have smaller upper bodies and larger lower bodies. The hips are a little larger than the shoulders and the weight tends to settle under the waist.


Apple - Women with apple shapes have thin hips, big breasts and stomach and are larger in the upper half of the body of the lower half.


Straight / Dominant: Older women do not have significant differences between hip size, waist circumference and shoulders. Every weight gain is in the stomach and in the lower part.


While maintaining the fundamental way that birth, a healthy diet and regular exercise are always the key points to lose excess body fat and maintain good health. If there is fat left, there is a body lift that will eliminate stubborn pockets of fat that will not change.


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