Tips for Setting Up Your New Mobile Phone

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There are some tips that you would need to follow for setting up your new mobile phone, especially if you are just getting used to a smart phone. You should ensure that you are using the galaxy note 8 manual to find out what you can do with the device and how to change anything that you want. You can change the ringtone, the background and much more simply by reading up on the instructions.

Changing Ringtone and Background

You might not like the ringtone that is set as the default option on the phone that you buy, but if you follow the galaxy note 8 instructions, then they can be easily changed. You should make sure that you go into the settings and find the option for sound settings and change it to the ringtone that you want. You can also do the same for background, but depending on the phone it can vary, so make sure that you are reading the sm-n950 manual so that you can find out exactly what you need to do. You can download ringtones or even images and set them as the options on your new phone.

Security Information

Another thing that is important and can be found in the galaxy note 8 manual is the security information. You would be able to read about how to change the security settings on your phone, including by putting a number code, pattern, the slide method or even your fingerprint. If you don’t know how to do this, then you should make sure to check out the galaxy note 8 instructionsthat come with the phone so that you can get started now. There are some automatic settings that you would be able to change, so go ahead and research them now so you know what you can do.

You should ensure that you are following the given options in the samsung note 8 user guide so that you can customize your phone in the way that you want it. You would be able to change the ringtone as well as the background to images, sounds or music that you love. You can also change up the security method to allow you to get into your phone using the most secure method, whether that be your fingerprint, a code, a pattern or other method. Make sure that you have your phone set up exactly as you want, so get started now.

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