What Is Talk To James Andrews Part - I

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Talk to James Andrews is a premium talk and chat service.  James provides emotional support and guidance for people facing everyday challenges.


With superior emotional intelligence and effective communication - James Andrews understands your issues, provides critical insights, and helps you move forward in a positive way.


Get to Know You, Get to Know Me


Meaningful conversation is one of the most invigorating experiences I have.  Making a connection, establishing rapport, and exchanging information is not just fun and interesting for me - it also serves a useful purpose.  It gives me the opportunity to learn about myself. Learning through teaching as I like to call it. 


The people I talk to consider me a teacher, a coach, someone who offers them perspective.  But the reality is I probably learn more from them than the other way around.    I can usually identify a lot of myself in the stories they tell and the experiences they share.   The "whos" "whys" and "whats" of my own life come into focus and I find deeper understanding.   Conversation nurtures me and I grow. 


When you listen, you're open and you're not afraid to be wrong, one of the things that happens is you end up challenging your own beliefs and assumptions about things.  Maybe you know yourself pretty well and you know who you are, but if you're smart, you also recognize you can know a lot more.   


If it is true that self knowledge is the beginning of wisdom -- Then insight is the beginning of self knowledge.  For me, the more I know, the better I will be.  The better I will be the the more I can do, and the further I will go. 


Being a Teenager is Difficult, What's a Parent to do?


One of my favorite aspects of this job is having the opportunity to speak with  young people on their quest to figure out life. By young, i'm talking 13-19 years old - typically the most challenging age group for people to understand and connect with, including for the kids themselves.


The reason I love dealing with this group so much is two-fold.  First, I appreciate how incredibly difficult and overwhelming this time of life is - and that's on the best day.  This age represents that gray space between adolescence and adulthood, when transition and change is constant.   Either the young person is changing or their environment is changing, and often those are changing simultaneously.  All that change represents tremendous opportunity -- or risk, depending on the kid.  


My second reason for relishing the experience of working with kids segues from the first.  I know how hard their lives are -- but I love being able to connect with them and help them.  The positive energy associated with having a young person drop their veneer and become vulnerable -- open up and respond in a sincere and positive way --- is awesome.  


Parents become frustrated when they experience the communication dead end with their teenagers.  They tell me they've tried everything and it's hopeless -- but it's not hopeless.   Parents must accept the reality that a lot of times they will be the last person their kids want to talk to.  I don't care how much you reassure your kids that it's ok to be honest, you understand, etc -- many/most will find an alternative outlet away from their parents to divulge their true feelings to.   


So what's it going to be?  Are you going to continue banging your head against the wall?  Or, are you going to reserve some time for them talk to me?  Let me get them thinking. You will see an increase in self-awareness, self-worth and positive attitude changes. You have only headaches to lose and strong communication to gain.    


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