When & How to Use Norton Removal and Reinstall Tool?

Norton Removal and Reinstall tool (NRnR) can be used to remove damaged installation of any Norton or Symantec product. At times users are not able to uninstall the product completely using Windows control panel because of some security registry entry remains in the windows registry which creates compatibility issue. This can also happen when your Norton file got damaged by some virus.


In such situation you can take help from this tool to remove your antivirus product and reinstall the latest version of software. If you don’t use a proper uninstaller for your security product then you computer might freeze, you will not be able to connect to internet, you system speed might get hampered or you will face installation error. If you are getting any such issue then please call at Norton Technical Helpline Number UK and get rid of these problems.


Note: Before we proceed further I would like to mention that this tool doesn’t remove Norton utilities or Norton family. Even you can use it to remove Norton Identity safe local vault.


Download and Run NRnR


·         Download the tool from Norton’s website and save it on the desktop.

·         Double click your downloaded file to execute the program.

·         Then read the License Agreement and click Agree.

·         Then first click “Remove & Reinstall” and then click Continue/Remove.

·         Once you are done with un-installation process, please restart your computer.



Run NRnR on Mac to Remove the Program

·         Navigate to “Application” folder and then open Symantec solution folder.

·         Then click twice to open Symantec uninstaller.

·         Select the Norton program that you want to uninstall from the Uninstall Symantec product window.

·         Once you are done, please click “Uninstall” and confirm your action to remove the software.

·         Now you will be asked to fill the admin account password.

·         Close all the open windows and then restart your system.


Remember: Restarting is must after you made any changes in your system, as restarting save the changes made by you.

Once you are done with the removal process, we suggest that you should not delay in reinstalling the program. For reinstallation you need to follow the given steps:

·         Now sign in to Norton Management to download the latest version of the product. (You need to use the same email address and password that you used while registration of the main product)

·         Then under the “Product Detail” list, select your Norton product and click Download.

·         After that you will need to start download button on the Norton Download Manager.

·         Lastly, you just have to follow the on screen instruction for completing the re-installation process.

Deleting the corrupted downloaded and installed file of the product is must as that neither will benefit your computer nor it will provide any security. In case you get any issue in un-installation or re-installation process you always have the option of consulting with antivirus experts. To connect with them you just have to dial Norton Phone Number UK. Hope this article benefited you in some way.